Personal Training Narellan, Camden and Macarthur

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MCAP Fitness is located in the Narellan Business Park, Smeaton Grange. We are a privately run personal training studio unlike any other fitness centre.  




People from all walks of life 


MCAP caters for people from all walks of life, focusing on 1 on 1 personal training, as well as group fitness, bringing the outdoors in.


We combine the beneficial aspects from both outdoor and indoor fitness to create a non-cluttered studio, as well as allowing for a personal training regime that is constantly changing through conventional and non-conventional equipment.



Upbeat and Fun Atmosphere 


MCAP Fitness offers an upbeat and fun atmosphere that will keep you motivated and excited to exercise. We provide a dedicated team of qualified personal trainers that guarantee results. Your goals are of outmost importance, ranging from weight loss to muscle gain, general fitness to sporting needs.


MCAP Fitness promotes a healthy way of living. NO diets, NO starving, NO long boring hours on the treadmill. We want you to find the better you, the stronger you, the healthier you and the motivated you. This is where we are here to help.


Our style is unique, where our results driven aim is accompanied by an exciting environment that will make you proud to say you’re a member of MCAP Fitness.


Looking for personal training Narellan, Camden, Campbelltown, Macarthur,  Harrington Park, Currans Hill, Mount Annan, Picton, Smeaton Grange or surrounding suburbs then MCAP Fitness is your local one on one personal training gym. If your trying to lose weight or after a weight loss program we can provide you a difference in personal training and fitness programs.


Personal Trainer


Having a personal trainer will improve your chances significantly in reaching your weight loss or fitness goal. Personal trainers work one on one with you and not only provide you with the skills and knowledge on how to train but provide motivation and teach you skills at over coming your weaknesses.


Our team of personal trainers have developed custom trainingpackages which include looking at your eating habits and adjusting your diet tomatch your training plan.


Personal training provides you with a level of confidence that you are going to be shown the correct way to train. Our personal trainers will show you the correct use of personal training equipment as well as how to adapt everyday items into your personal training schedule.


Fitness Training


With a specialised training plan you can make the most out of each session giving you more time in your day but achieving your goals faster. Cardio fitness, strength and core should be the basis of most training as it each component will assist you in achieving an overall good health and excellent body condition.


Increased fitness means your body will generally burn more calories and require more nutrients as you train. Omega 3, Protein and a good multi vitamin are a excellent start in protecting your body from injury, increased recovery time and in general good health.


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